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  • Motion Detector / Video Surveillance  3)   Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.
    WebCam - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance Software Turn your PC into a powerful hidden security / video surveillance system! Guardian Is The Ultimate Hidden Security / Surveillance System! FREE FULL VERSION UPGRADE! Motion Detector, Email...

  • PC Tattletale  4)   PC Tattletale
    PC Tattletale parental control software allows monitoring and recording all actions that are performed with a computer.

  • Spectre  6)   Spectre Spectre 1.3
    Track your children with covert surveilance taking snap shots of the desktop, up to one per second. Spectre runs as a service in the background snap shoting the desktop image of the logged on user. and stores the images in a database for review.

  • EasyCCTV  7)   EasyCCTV 2.1
    EasyCCTV captures images up to 30 frames per second from any USB video device. The program performs simultaneous recording. Your camera(s) can be used as part of a complete surveillance system.

  • Actual Keylogger  8)   Actual Keylogger 2.3
    Actual Keylogger is a free key logger that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. Actual Keylogger cannot be seen in the task manager, programs files menu, system tray or uninstall list.

  • SC-KeyLog PRO  9)   SC-KeyLog PRO 3.2
    SC-KeyLog PRO is the ultimate stealth surveillance tool for recording computer usage. Secretly spy on remote computers and receive all keystrokes, system logon passwords, chat sessions, visited web sites and much more periodically by e-mail.

  • Track Eraser-cache,cookie,registry  10)   Track Eraser-cache,cookie,registry 3.5.29
    Track Eraser can clear web cache,cookies,history,windows tracks and 100s softwares'.It supports mutipletype browsers, such as Netscape,Opera,Mozilla and so on.It is SAFE tools.Before clearing you can see anything,then clear them selectively.

  • AGLAYA Call Magic  11)   AGLAYA Call Magic 2.0
    Call Magic: Answer incoming calls to your phone automatically and/or listen to what is happening around your phone.

  • Eye of Horus  12)   Eye of Horus 1.0 w/ JRE
    Webcam surveillance software featuring a highly configurable motion detection mechanism.

  • ArtisanMX  13)   ArtisanMX 1.4.1
    ArtisanMX is FREE for monitoring up to 4 Intellinet,Sony,Axis,StarDot-tech, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, DLink cameras with the possibility to view up to 16 cameras and/or add recording/replay facilities at small additional cost.

  • WideStep Elite Keylogger  15)   WideStep Elite Keylogger 2.6
    KEYLOGGERS GO ELITE with WideStep - the Leading Keylogger's Provider on the net! Elite Keylogger works in low-kernel mode as a driver-based monitoring software recording every detail of PC and Internet activity.

  • Audio Zone Trigger  16)   Audio Zone Trigger 1.2
    Audio Zone Trigger was designed to do one thing: make the computer react to sound. This is quite simple, and can be used for many things: home security, house automation, games, experiments...

  • e-Surveiller spy software  17)   e-Surveiller spy software 1.6.3
    Monitor the activities of local and remote computer users. e-Surveiller allows you to view the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet LIVE! Also records keystrokes, web sites visited, chat conversations, etc. + MORE!

  • Secure Clean PC  18)   Secure Clean PC 2.11
    When you work on your computer it records the information traces of all your actions which may be used against you. To solve this problem, you need to clean up your PC to the secure state by removing evidence traces.

  • Stealth WebSite Logger  19)   Stealth WebSite Logger 2.1
    Stealth Website Logger is an invisible, easy to use surveillance application that monitors and records all websites visited by a user or computer.

  • 123 KeyLogger  20)   123 KeyLogger 1.0.24
    Track activities from all computer users: data typed, sites visited, applications launched etc. With this easy-to-use spy software you will learn more about your spouse, kids, colleagues, and employees activity.

  • Mom Knows Best  21)   Mom Knows Best 2.5
    Mom Knows Best is an easy way to restrict and monitor usage of your computer. Our logging features, keyword triggers and our manual white/black lists make Mom Knows Best a great solution for home or small business use.

  • MG-Shadow: Computer monitoring software  22)   MG-Shadow: Computer monitoring software 1.0.1566
    The most stable and easy to use software to secretly monitor anyone's computer. MG-Shadow records programs, windows, all keystrokes, websites, emails, chats, instant messengers, screenshots and more. 100% invisible and light on computer resources.

  • Virtual Screen Spy  23)   Virtual Screen Spy 1.2
    Virtual Screen Spy is a Screen Capture Software. Similar to a surveillance camera, Virtual Screen Spy will captures images, only these Screenshots will be of your screen. Virtual Screen Spy takes a Screen Capture Periodically.

  • PhishGuard  24)   PhishGuard 2.0.165
    PhishGuard is a FREE service that detects and rapidly disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks designed to steal critical financial data. PhishGuard works with Microsoft Internet Explorer to warn before you visit a known malicious site.

  • PhishGuard for Firefox  25)   PhishGuard for Firefox 2.0.165
    PhishGuard is a FREE service that detects and rapidly disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks designed to steal critical financial data. PhishGuard works with Mozilla Firefox to warn before you visit a known malicious site.

  • Invisible Key Logger Utility  26)   Invisible Key Logger Utility
    Keylogger software track all typed keyboard character and save user activity in hidden log file. Utility run in invisible mode, capture all keystroke of any application. Monitor computer secret data and information by recording every key press.

  • Employee Inspector  27)   Employee Inspector 1.6
    Employee Inspector is a powerful employee monitoring solution, which allows you to watch employee screen at anytime, inspect which web sites they visit, analyze how much time they spend for their personal activity at work.

  • Solid Key Logger  28)   Solid Key Logger 2.0.02
    Solid Key Logger records everything that has been typed on a computer's keyboard. It works in two modes: normal and stealth. In stealth mode it is virtually undetectable!

  • OverSpy  29)   OverSpy 2.0.02
    OverSpy captures all online conversations, web sites visited, passwords, all emails sent and received, all keystrokes typed, all computer operations and opened documents, and takes screenshots every few minutes. Total surveillance!

  • Stealth Chat Monitor  30)   Stealth Chat Monitor 1.3
    Stealth Chat Monitor is an invisible, easy to use surveillance application, designed to monitor and record all chat conversations that took place on a computer.

  • GSM Location  31)   GSM Location 3.00
    Enables the user from the pre-defined number to send an SMS to the target phone (where the software is installed) and get the GSM location of the target phone.

  • honestech Video Patrol  32)   honestech Video Patrol 5.0
    honestech Video Patrol 5.0 provides a comprehensive personal video monitoring surveillance solution. - Detects motion and provides live feed - Up to three PC cam - Send e-mail notices - Schedule monitoring time - Rec

  • Crawler Parental Control  33)   Crawler Parental Control 1.1.0
    Free for home and office use, Crawler Parental Control monitors and controls user activity on your computer. Control Web browsing, set access rights to software, hide folder content, schedule time limits and much more. Get control of your computer!

  • BlazingTools Secure Office  34)   BlazingTools Secure Office 1.1
    Secure Office is an affordable and compact monitoring solution, designed for local networks. It captures keystrokes typed, websites visited, chats from all popular instant messengers and makes screenshots. All user logs are stored on the admin's PC.

  • PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe  35)   PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe 2.1
    Use PCMesh <a href="">Data Recovery and Wipe</a> to recover lost files after a disk format or deletion. Also as a security measure you should wipe the delete data beyond recovery.

  • Antivirus Shield Pro - Antivirus & Firewall  36)   Antivirus Shield Pro - Antivirus & Firewall 2007.42
    The Shield Pro 2007 AntiVirus and Personal Firewall - Essential Protection from Viruses, Trojans, Data Thieves, Hackers, and Online Threats. Powerful yet easy to use, you get both Virus protection and hacker security. Free support and updates.

  • PC Pandora - Web Detective  37)   PC Pandora - Web Detective 2006
    Record all secret passwords and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC. Easy, VCR-like playback.

  • The Shield Pro AntiVirus & Firewall  38)   The Shield Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2007.820
    The Shield PRO 2007 AntiVirus and Personal Firewall provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, data thieves and privacy threats. Protect yourself, your family, and your PC online with The Shield Pro 2007. Free Updates and Techical Support!

  • Cyclope Employee Surveilance Solution  39)   Cyclope Employee Surveilance Solution 3.9.2
    Cyclope is an advanced employee surveillance software which provides you information regarding your IT infrastructure usage and your employees computer related activities by allowing you to monitor any targeted machine within your company's network.

  • Inside Keylogger  40)   Inside Keylogger 4.1
    Inside Keylogger records all activities performed on a remote computer and sends reports to a specified email address. It provides a complete image of a machine, recording everything typed or modified.

  • Eltima Advanced Keylogger  41)   Eltima Advanced Keylogger 2.0
    Advanced Keylogger is an absolutely invisible keylogger that captures keystrokes, chat conversations, emails, clipboard info, Internet and desktop activity to encrypted user-friendly logs. Have it all delivered to any email in clear reports.

  • BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger  42)   BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.68
    Perfect Keylogger helps you to find out what they are doing on their PC. With this key logger you will receive their keytrokes, chats, websites, screenshots and passwords by email or FTP. Covert surveillance - as easy as never before!

  • iFufi2  43)   iFufi2
    iFufi2 - PC alarm and presence simulator. This program can be used as alarm and to scare thiefs. It uses your microphone and mouse as sensors and your speakers as alarm siren. You can add your personal alarm sounds (wav, mp3).

  • Tukanas Password Generator  45)   Tukanas Password Generator 1.0
    Tukanas Password Generator is a peerless password generating software that is ultra fast, secure, powerful and flexible. With various algorithms built in, the user can also choose a random-number generator through which a password list can be...

  • BlastTech Evidence Nuker  46)   BlastTech Evidence Nuker 2007.21011130
    For no cost at all you can download Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, etc.

  • Evidence Fryer PC History Eraser  47)   Evidence Fryer PC History Eraser 2007.21011130
    Download Computer Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, etc.

  • SecureState Evicence Eraser  48)   SecureState Evicence Eraser 2007.21011130
    Download Computer Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, etc.

  • Ventis BackupSuite 2008  49)   Ventis BackupSuite 2008 8.4
    Ventis BackupSuite 2008 is the current top market backup software. A state of the art user interface streamlines the backup handling process. Files can be archived in Zip files to save space, also when backing up to Ftp server. Scheduler is included.

  • PrivacyShredder Evidence Eliminator  50)   PrivacyShredder Evidence Eliminator 2007.21011210
    Privacy Protector is the leading privacy protection software. By shredding unwanted and unneeded files and erasing your computer footprints, Privacy Protector makes sure that your privacy is never compromised.

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